Reticulated system in flats and apartments

Reticulated System In Flats


Reticulated LPG system is a method for distribution of domestic LPG in High rise Flats/Apartments to the customer's kitchen through pipe line network from centralized cylinders bank or bulk installation.


  • The system is designed to supply LPG through multiple pressure regulation stages, in order to reach user at a safe low pressure.
  • The system is equipped with UPSO/ OPSO valves and thus minimises the chances of LPG leakage.
  • Compared to conventional systems, where high pressure cylinder is located in kitchen which is a potential threat to human life and property, reticulated systems are completely safe.

System is designed to meet Indian safety standards applicable as bellow :

  • IS:6044(PART 1) as applicable to multi-cylinder installation.
  • IS:6044 (Part 2) and SMPV Rules 1981 for bulk storage installation
  • Gas cylinders rules 1981.


  • Continues supply of gas at the turn of a tap.
  • Increased safety in kitchen as LPG enters the Flats / Apartments at a very low pressure. Enhance safety, as cylinder is not stored inside the flats.
  • No cylinder handling in Apartments / flats hence saving valuable space in kitchen.
  • Easy and effortless operation with increased convenience.
  • Payment as per actual consumption of gas recorded in gas meters.
  • Eliminates cylinder refill booking by individual consumers.
  • No need to have an additional cylinder in the Flats thus enhances safety.

What we offer

  • Total system design.
  • Supply, installation and commissioning of the entire system.
  • Inspection and maintenance of the facility.
  • Assured continuous supply of LPG to the reticulated system through tie up with oil companies.
  • After sales service and support.
  • Hands on training to the residents.
  • 24-hour Emergency Service.